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Whether you want to hear some groundbreaking new sounds, see some of the country’s best performers or dance to our locally most-loved artists, it’s all here at Lakota.

When we opened our doors in 1992, we quickly became known as a major player in the 90s worldwide global music scene. Hosting acts like Jamiroquai, Roger Sanchez, Roy Ayers, Boy George, Pete Tong and Laurent Garnier meant we drew clubbers from far and wide.

The name comes from the Lakota people, a Native American tribe. It roughly translates into an “alliance of people”. Famous for their strong leadership and rebelliousness, they were one of the last tribes to sign a treaty with the US – which they are still fighting against now.

Respect for all forms of life was deeply ingrained within their culture. Luther Standing Bear, a Lakota leader and one of the first Native American writers to be published (around 1900), talked about respect as an essential ingredient for balanced interaction among all living things. According to him, the Lakota had developed a respect for the Earth and all forms of life because each and everything played a vital part. His biggest concern was that humans who lost respect for animals would soon lose respect for their own kind as well.

The decision to call it Lakota was made by George Leonard the original owner. Being an American, he was passionate about the Lakota people and their belief system. When we, the Burgess’s took over the club, the values resonated deeply with us too and seemed relevant to the time and location.

After all Stokes Croft has always been home to an eclectic mix of people. And we’ve always had a huge range of people with different backgrounds involved with Lakota. And our different tastes in music reflect the nights that we put on.

So don’t come if you’re expecting to hear run-of-the-mill chart music.

And do come if you want to hear great new music and dance with kindred spirits.

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Details for Lakota

6 Upper York Street

01179 232225

  1. Fri : 9:00pm - 6:00am
  2. Sat : 9:00pm - 7:00am
  3. Sun : 7:00pm - 5:00am